Life Changing

So much going on in our personal lives with a lot of things that have hit us hard over a period of 3 months and still pushing through. One crucial thing is I needed gastric surgery so we went through our Family at TLC for a personal loan. I’ve been very emotional since the call this morning regarding the approval of our loan. Even while writing this I’m fighting to hold back my tears! You really do appreciate excellent, professional, honest yet highly friendly service from anyone in any business, company or place that deals with people. Every person who was involved with helping us from the beginning to the end of our process were outstanding! This speaks volumes of the company as a whole. These guys are the whole package. Even if our application was not approved I would of still given feedback of our excellent experience as I strongly believe in giving praise when it is due. It is not only about wanting to get help, it is how you are treated when you have found a potential lender. Great teamwork guys and thanks again for being awesome! I will definitely keep in touch regarding my journey ahead. Bless.